Psychosocial Recovery Coaching


What is a psychosocial recovery coach?

A psychosocial recovery coach helps individuals overcome mental health challenges by offering peer-based support, guidance, and encouragement. We assist clients in setting goals, developing coping strategies, accessing resources, and fostering a positive mindset.

Together, we empower clients to take control of their recovery journey, offering practical assistance in areas like housing and employment. Ultimately, our aim is to foster resilience, independence, and holistic well-being in those undergoing recovery.

What does a recovery coach do?

A recovery coach provides vital support to individuals overcoming addiction, mental health challenges, and setbacks. Here’s what they do:
  • Support and Encouragement: Offering empathy and a nonjudgmental attitude.
  • Goal Setting: Helping clients set realistic goals for mental health and personal growth.
  • Accountability: Monitoring progress and addressing setbacks.
  • Resource Connection: Linking clients to community resources and support groups.
  • Skill Building: Teaching coping strategies and life skills.
  • Peer Support: Sharing insights and coping mechanisms from personal recovery experiences.
  • Empowerment: Encouraging clients to take ownership of their recovery journey.

Overall, recovery coaches aim to help individuals achieve sustainable recovery, improve their quality of life, and enhance long-term well-being.

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About Improved Disability Services

Improved Disability Services is a registered NDIS provider that puts you, your goals and aspirations at the centre of what we do. We do this in partnership with your support network, and the wider community. Improved Disability Services is designed to provide individuals and their families with service in their best interest by becoming their voice and working with them to achieve their goals. At Improved Disability Services, the focus is on meeting individual needs and tailoring a home care support plan to suit each person.

What our clients say...

Blake Tweedie
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Being someone whom is a wheelchair their self, I admire the idea behind this service and their facilities. The concept is great, it is a nice to be able to have a full accessible place and meet other people in a similar situations - under the “Group Centre based activities” if you require personal assistance they will help you. Thank you for reading this, once again I admire the idea.
Byadunia Badesirwe
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Improved Disability services is a great company that's promote equality for all, significantly improves the lives of our participants and provide safe working environments to its staff members. For the last 2,5 years I have worked as a support worker at the company, I am more than grateful to work for such a company that values its employees, where mutual respect is a credo. That's why I am still working here. There is no other good company I would think of compared to Improved Disability Services. IDS has good management staff that looks well after its staff and participants. Peace and respect dwell at IDS. I am inviting people to come and join this great company, they will never regret their decision to join.

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