Whether you just need a little help getting your day started or more ongoing assistance, we’ll help you with your everyday life. Our services are highly customisable to meet your specific needs and to fit within your NDIS plan.

Old lady in walking frame being help by her carer

How we can help

Helping you get around the house with greater ease – such as transfers from bed or chair to wheelchair or toilet.

Helping you get going each morning with hoist assistance, getting dressed and ready for the day.

Providing help with your personal care – showering, toileting, teeth cleaning or shaving.

Helping to ensure you take the right medication at the correct times.

Cooking meals and making snacks together.

Helping you pay your bills on time so you don’t have to worry.

Assistance with laundry.

Building your skills to help you manage things like cooking, cleaning, getting dressed, using a computer or gardening more independently.

Helping you to spend time with friends.

Offering a range of domestic and personal assistance services, as well as home maintenance support to make sure your home is safe and accessible.

For more information about our Personal Care service and how we can support you please contact us on 1300 587 808

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